Local Holiday Shopping Guide

It's that time of year again to show others how much we love and care for them, of course this year is very different and difficult than others. If you are planning to shop for holiday gifts this year, please consider buying from local and small businesses as they are struggling this year without having markets and shopping events that they depend on heavily each year.


Here are some of my favorites where you can find home, food, art, self care and even activities to do at home.


Shop Sassi Stitch Boutique

Shop Martha Mae

Shop Assembly Creators

Shop Indigo & Violet Studios

Shop Alue Design

Shop Etta Kostick

Shop Mindful Baking

Shop Twidley Bits

Shop Hines Brines

Shop Aged & Infused

Shop Nikki Darling Confections

Shop Ouro Hermetica

Shop Scrub Me

Shop Assembly Creators

Shop Greetings by Jenny

Shop Five Eye Studio

Shop Hof Draws

Shop Hillary White Rabbit