Bezels and Bubbles is owned, run and created by Maggie Graf.


Maggie learned metalsmithing while studying fashion design at Columbia College Chicago. While she immediately fell in love with the process, it was not an option to invest in the materials and tools outside of taking the available class options.

She spent years in corporate accessory design jobs where jewelry was still always around. After 6 years at one company with no more growth, she quit. A few interviews didn't produce any new opportunities and she decided it was time to take a risk.

Maggie began Bezels and Bubbles in the fall of 2018. While the goal is to turn jewelry making into a full time thing, that is not realistic yet. To support herself until that can become a reality, she is an Uber driver in Chicago. This allows complete flexibility to work on her jewelry as much as possible without the mental drain of an office job. 

Since transitioning from a corporate job to working in her home studio, she realized that she found happiness getting her hands dirty while creating, not just designing via the computer. She sees herself as a maker at her core.